Myrtle Beach Weddings- Intro

As the fall and winter wedding season approaches, fewer and fewer people consider planning a beach themed wedding. That is understandable. Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to marry in Hawaii, the on the Mediterranean coast, Mexico or one of the Caribbean isles the weather seams to preclude a Myrtle Beach Weddings.

So it would seem. Actually, with little consideration of the wealth of possible theme variations, accessories, and all the beach themed wedding favors available there is no basis to believe you can not construct a beach wedding that fits your passion and style – even in Boston in February!

Just like anything else, a beach wedding can take many different forms. Far too often, brides never think beyond the word beach and then afterwards wonder why their beach wedding theme never really had the zing they were hoping for.

Consider Your Beach Wedding Theme
Your beach wedding theme is obvious isn’t it? It’s the beach! Okay, but what do you think of when you think of the beach. If you know that you can cut out everything you might otherwise do or buy that does not bring you closer to your dream of building a beach wedding in the off season.

Let me show you what I mean: I love storm watching at the beach. So if I were planning a beach themed wedding for myself, I’d look for a hotel ballroom, old mansion, or restaurant with a view of the beach and schedule my wedding during the stormy season. There is nothing like hanging with friends, with a warm drink in our hands watching the oceans rage.

Perhaps, your idea of the beach is the classic old lighthouses. Build a beach wedding that centers around the lighthouse motif. Rent an old lighthouse (or lighthouse visitor’s center) if you can find one that will accommodate your party and is available. If not find a suitable location (preferably within earshot of the pounding of the surf) and decorate with the lighthouse theme in mind.

A nighttime wedding celebration within earshot of the roar of the sea is also the perfect opportunity to combine a beach wedding reception theme with a fairytale wedding theme to create a mermaid themed wedding. There are so many more possible beach wedding theme variations: The boardwalk, the marina, Hawaiian paradise, and the classic nod to the weathered mariner.

Choose a Centerpiece for Your Beach Wedding Theme
One of the central tenants of planning any wedding decor is that you must start with the item that you want your guests to focus on when you are not in the room. In theory this can be anything. In practice this is usually the wedding cake or an ice sculpture. For example, for a lighthouse wedding you might commission an ice sculpture of a lighthouse and then have it backlit to help it to grab attention.

Tip: Have someone dim the light on the ice sculpture when it is time for your entrance, then allow the light to come back to half strength once you have made your entrance.