Privacy Filter- An Intro

Do you live in a large space that needs to be divided into a bedroom and living area? Maybe you have two children that do not want to share and there is not enough space to erect a wall. One can separate a room by using a carpet or arranging furniture in such a way that your couch separates your space. However, you can make use of privacy filter screens which is far more intriguing than using your couch. By incorporating a decorative screen you are also incorporating some history.

The Chinese privacy screens were decorative and heavy and one could not move these screens with ease. The screens were decorated with exquisite artwork and were not the folding types. Then the Japanese started manufacturing portable screens that were made from lightweight materials. These screens were used for outdoor processions, tea ceremonies, religious ceremonies and much more. And around the time of Marco Polo the westerners started making use of screens.

European travelers that passed through Asia started trading and these privacy screens began making an appearance in Europe. The westerners quickly adapted and started making replicas of the Asian imports. And since then each era has presented with more modern and sophisticated screens and dividers. One can now obtain painted, silk, mirrored, decouple, wood panels, and folding screens and there is a never-ending supply of creative ideas available.

Folding privacy screens and room dividers are not necessarily the same. Screens can be used across an expanse of open space and can also be used to filter out light. A folding screen is usually used to divide a space and will provide the user with privacy as well as make a visual statement. There are really sophisticated screens which are made from all kinds of different materials and you can buy a divider or screen that is antique or that is state of the art.