Pros and Cons Of Home Security Alarm In Home Invasions

The chances of having your home broken into are three times less likely if you have a home security alarm, having only an alarm can be dangerous.

Many who only have a home security alarm falsely believe that they are totally protected, and that therefore their home is basically immune to crime. In other words, they have a false sense of security. In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Burglars or home invaders who want to get into your home, will get into your home, with or without an alarm system. Statistics are clear on this.Read this article.

This is why there is a very real danger in putting too much confidence in just having a home security alarm. Because alarm systems only warn you when your home defenses are in the process of, or have already been breached. At this point, you and your family are in incredible danger. What will you do if there is one, or multiple intruders in your home? Wait for the police? Police response time for home alarms can take up to twenty minutes.

Home invasions present another major problem for those who only have a home security alarm. An experienced burglar can break into your home in sixty seconds. But home invaders can break through the front door of the average American home in under ten seconds. Yes, you read that correctly—TEN seconds! If this occurs, a home security alarm is virtually worthless. You and your family are now at the mercy of violent criminals. I don’t have to mention what can happen in the amount of time it would take for the police to arrive.